an advanced study of dental anatomy

Aesthetics are defined through a deep understanding of morphology, a knowledge of form and design as a whole. Learn how to create works of beauty by diving deep into the individual analysis of natural dentition.

The Study Of Natural Dentition

Explore the individual characteristics that define the aesthetics of each tooth in this advanced study of dental anatomy. This course was created for digital designers, waxers, ceramist, and all who desire a deeper knowledge of dental anatomy.


During this two-day hands-on course we will explore individual characteristics of each tooth through the use of sculpting clay, wax, and sketch. Course includes Maxillary and Mandibular models, Morphology Handbook with sketch pad, sculpting clay, and wax.

Improve Quality

The ongoing success for both production based laboratories and boutique laboratories is based on the final quality of the product produced. When looking to improve or enhance the quality of a product we should start with the foundational principles of dental anatomy and tooth morphology.

Course Topics

Individual tooth analysis through photography and graphs. Hands-on experience with wax, sculpting clay, and sketching.

Learn how to create smile design cases through the analysis of facial characteristics and the oral environment of the patient.

Study the patterns in nature and how they relate to dental anatomy.

Study variations in surface texture, contours, and different characteristics of natural teeth.

Why Attend Educational Courses?

Education and technology are rapidly changing in the dental profession. I know from personal experience how easy it is to become consumed by our work, forgetting how long it’s been since we’ve learned something new, how to improve, or how to gain inspiration to help us keep doing what we’re doing. That's when we need to step away from the bench and take a moment to look beyond our walls and see how our profession is evolving.

Education is not just about staying on top of our game and technology. It's about freeing our minds and souls so that we may continually refuel our inspiration, learn new things, and love our profession.

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