Inspiration that lies within to create, the process in which we connect and share experience: A stimulating or beneficial effect upon (a person); to invigorate.

What inspires me

“I was instantly drawn to the dental profession when I visited a local school offering a dental technology program. The entrance exam consisted of a series of tests which included fabricating a sculpture and a drawing replicating a tooth. With a love for artistry, I was hooked. Two years later I found myself sitting next to a patient who had long suffered from tetracycline stains. Now in her 40s, she wanted to restore her discolored teeth. Veneers were placed, creating a beautiful white smile, a smile that I created with my own hands. As tears streamed down her face, I realized for the first time, this was more than artistry on a canvas created to inspire others, this was creating inspiration in life. I realized then that a smile is the way we express our personalities, a soft shy smile, a contagious laughing smile, a mischievous smile, to the little giggly smile of a child. A smile shares with others our gratitude, approval, interest, shows our emotions, and love. So what gives me inspiration? Knowing that out of all the other professions in the world, I can recreate smiles.”

Inspiration I hope to share with you

“First, love each moment of life, we only get one. Second, take control of your health decisions, learning what is best for the body you’ve been blessed with. Third, learn something new in your profession and personal life so you may keep your passions alive. Fourth, even in the midst of our trials learn how to smile and bring a smile to others.”
~Jessica Birrell, CDT