e.max play

Now it’s your turn to play with the IPS e.max materials!

Why e.max play?

After attending several courses about IPS e.max, I realized this material has so many possibilities and techniques that it couldn't be taught in a traditional style course. This material is best learned from the foundation up. After all, one must truly understand the foundation upon which one stands before building. Once the foundation is laid, there is freedom to play.

After researching IPS e.max for several years, I decided to develop the e.max play course. I know first-hand how difficult it can be for labs/technicians to step away from production to study a material, as well as how time consuming, frustrating, and expensive the trial-and-error process can become.

I created the e.max play course to shorten and possibly eliminate that trial-and-error process, providing all the tools you can really put into play when you return to work; this is the course I wish I could have attended years ago!

This course teaches not one but many techniques; a course with a booklet that details step-by-step instructions to follow in case you can’t read your notes; a course in which you will build the confidence and knowledge to play. Then you can return to work with the foundational knowledge of how to build anything that comes your way.

e.max play Course Details

This course reviews the basics, such as waxing, spruing, investing, burnout, pressing, and divesting. It then moves into ingot theory, selecting the appropriate ingot, characteristics of each ingot and their uses, and how to layer and treat each ingot. This course also covers several techniques, including appropriate surface contouring, stain and glazing, full-contour build-ups, aesthetic layering, and minimal prep/micro-layering. Participants will gain hands-on experience for every type of ingot.

Course Topics

Ingot Theory

Learn how to select the appropriate ingot, the characteristics of each ingot and how to layer and treat each ingot.

Layering Techniques

Learn several techniques including: stain and glazing, full-contour build-ups, aesthetic layering and minimal prep/micro-layering.

IPS e.max Ceram Powders

Explore the collection of IPS e.max Ceram porcelain powders, gaining an understanding of opacities, translucency, and a variety of effects.

e.max play book

Take the knowledge you’ve gained from this course home with you with the included e.max play book. This book explores the what, when, and how’s of each ingot with step by step photos, instructions, and color mapping guides.

As a result of the last several years of her research and studies, Jessica developed the e.max play course and accompanying e.max play book. The course and book focus on enabling an advanced exploration into the IPS e.max ingots and techniques, building the critical foundation for using this material. Her first public introduction to this course was held earlier in 2013 at Lab Day West in Garden Grove, California, with support from Ivoclar Vivadent.

Why Attend Educational Courses?

Education and technology are rapidly changing in the dental profession. I know from personal experience how easy it is to become consumed by our work, forgetting how long it’s been since we’ve learned something new, how to improve, or how to gain inspiration to help us keep doing what we’re doing. That's when we need to step away from the bench and take a moment to look beyond our walls and see how our profession is evolving.

Education is not just about staying on top of our game and technology. It's about freeing our minds and souls so that we may continually refuel our inspiration, learn new things, and love our profession.

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