“I love many types of artistry. It’s my little piece of heaven, and I can’t get enough.”

With a passion for artistry and an interest in the dental field, Jessica Birrell attended the dental technology program at the American Medical Dental Institute in Provo, Utah, in 1999. Jessica spent several years at a large laboratory specializing in smile design, esthetic waxing, and all-ceramic restorations. In 2009, she opened her own laboratory, Capture Dental Arts, in Saratoga Springs, Utah, where she focuses on high-level aesthetics and pursues her passions and research.
As a result of her last several years of research and studies, Jessica developed the e.max play course and accompanying e.max play book. She now offers a second course, Morphology, an advanced study into morphology and aesthetics she designed and tailored to benefit all technicians.
Jessica's first international article was published in 2012 in Dental Dialogue; in addition, she’s published several articles in LMT and IDT magazines since 2011. In January 2013, Jessica joined the advisory board of Spectrum Dialogue, through which she will continue to share her research via educational courses, articles, and lectures. 
Combining her certification in makeup artistry (she attended Taylors Andrews Academy in 2012) and her studies in graphic arts from her local university, Jessica began augmenting her restorative services with makeup artistry, patient photography and web/print ready graphic design, offering her clients and their patients a comprehensive, aesthetic portfolio.

Graphic Arts/Photography

Show the world who you are with a custom portfolio including anything from restorations, makeup artistry, photography, and web/print ready graphic design.
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Natural Aesthetics

Restorations that are designed and handcrafted in harmony with ones individual characteristics. This is how we achieve natural aesthetics.

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